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Our AGM is 7.30pm Monday 6 Feb @ The Chapel Theatre, come and say hello and find out how you may be able to assist.


Memberships are now due - here is the membership form.


Glen Innes Arts Council 2017

The Glen Innes Arts Council is now in its 73rd year of continuous operation and is the longest running arts council in Australia; we never get tired of saying that! Our recent AGM on February 6th brought in the following committee members:

President - Nicci Parry-Jones 
Vice Presidents  - George Muckenschnabel and Dave Jennings
Secretary - Vicki Geach
Treasurer/Public Officer - Mick Malone
Publicity Officer - Alok Pisharody

General committee
Stu Moor, Brendan Byrne, Nigel Brown, Sara McGregor, Carol Sparks, Suzie and Col Woods, Steve Wright, Denis Haselwood and our newest member, Sally Halloran.

We are looking forward to another fabulous year of entertainment at the Chapel Theatre and hope you can attend many of the planned events. Our weekly movies, touring shows and our own theatre productions can be found on both our website www.gleninnesartscouncil.com or our two Facebook pages Glen Innes Chapel Theatre and Glen Innes Arts Council.

If you want to get involved we are always looking for volunteers, please get in touch: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The Spooky Men's Chorale

A concert not to miss! The world-famous Spooky Men's Chorale will be performing at the Chapel Theatre at 8pm on Thursday February 23, 2017!


Ennobled by improbable facial hair, burdened by a vast, lovable incomprehension, and dignified with cavernous vocal chords, the Spooky Men's Chorale employs a devastating combination of beauty and stupidity to comment on the unsolvable paradoxes of being a man. With diverse repertoire ranging from Georgian table songs to immaculate ballads, vaudevillian nonsense and a mock Sufi ode to the Bee Gees, they have built a reputation for highly amusing and entertaining performances built on a solid musical base, under the leadership of Stephen Taberner. 
Tour Producer - Musica Viva Australia

Here's a sample - sample 1 and another - sample 2

Don't forget: 8pm Feb 23!

Tickets $28/$20 on sale at Carelles in January.


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